All the Single Ladies: Cruising Is Perfect for Bachelor Travelers

Take a girl's getaway to explore new destinations

Cruises are notoriously romantic, featuring candlelit dinners, colorful sunsets and the chance to visit some of the most honeymoon-friendly destinations all over the world. What about single travelers? Whether passengers are traveling alone or happen to be the third wheel, cruising makes it easy to meet new people - and who knows, a future spouse may be just on the other side of the boat.

Singles-only nights

While speed dating may seem like a quick and easy way to get to know a stranger, cruises dress up the rat race with evening cocktail parties and singles-only events for those who want to connect with someone during their cruise vacation. Rather than finding a soulmate at the top of the Eiffel Tower during a European cruise, why not stay onboard for the chance to meet another cruising enthusiast?

Additionally, passengers can grab a dancing partner during any number of these singles-only parties to see whether there's any real chemistry.

Onboard activities catered to singles

Tennis courts and yoga classes cater to groups of people, and passengers traveling alone can get fit while working up a sweat with new friends. After exercising, singles can enjoy a casual, healthy lunch at the Sanctuary, which is available only for adults and lends a tranquil atmosphere that is perfect for getting to know new people.

If passengers want to enjoy more intimate social interactions, they should reserve a spot in a cooking class or wine tasting session, which is a sure-fire way to find someone who shares the same passion for food.

Of course, singles who go to the casino are nearly guaranteed to make new friends and may want to try their luck asking someone special out for a romantic dinner later during the cruise vacation.

Leave the ship with new friends

Caribbean shore excursions are also a great way to meet people during a cruise, whether passengers are going scuba diving, hiking or simply walking around seaside villages. Based on the activities they choose, passengers can share an afternoon with like-minded travelers who love the outdoors.

Have a flair for European art? Take a shore excursion to Venice, Italy, where cruisers will have an excuse to talk about Renoir with other passengers and potentially find a new traveling buddy for cruises in the future.