Best Motion Sickness Medicine for a Cruise

It is smooth sailing on Princess ships, but we have some tips just in case

The best motion sickness medicine for cruises will be different for everyone. All our ships are well-stabilized and bear plenty of weight so most guests don’t even feel like they’re moving. That said, certain guests may be more prone to feeling motion than others — like they would in a car or plane. While some find relief with devices like patches and wristbands, others prefer drinking water and getting fresh air. Here are some of the best remedies for tackling motion sickness on a cruise.

Bring Nausea Relief

If you’re more sensitive to motion sickness on cruises, stay prepared with store-bought solutions. Some of the most popular products include skin patches and wristbands. Patches are typically placed behind your ear where the medication can more easily absorb into your skin. Since the patches are hidden, you don’t have to worry about them distracting from your dinnerware wardrobe or photos from your shore excursions. Similarly, the bands are worn on the wrist and target pressure points to help stabilize your body. These products are usually waterproof so no need to remove them before enjoying the pools on board.

According to many of our guests, some of the best seasickness tablets for a cruise include Dramamine or Bonine. These medications can be taken before nausea arises to help lessen the severity. They may also be taken to ease the feeling of sickness as it occurs. Be aware that these may cause drowsiness in some guests. Please consult a medical professional to determine whether this is the best solution for you. Whether you want to prevent nausea or help alleviate it in the moment, considering adding all of these therapies to your cruise packing list and stay prepared for any situation.

Step Outside for Fresh Air

One of the easiest ways to relieve nausea while on board is stepping outside to get fresh air. That’s why we recommend booking a room with a balcony to guests who are more prone to feeling motion sickness. Slip outside at any time of the day from the comfort of your stateroom. Or, lie down on your lounge chair undisturbed by other guests. Focus on the refreshing breeze and before you know it you’ll be ready to dive back into onboard activities.

Drink Plenty of Water

Sometimes, a glass of water is the only relief you need. Many guests have shared that regularly drinking H2O during the day helped keep nausea at bay. Whether you’re relaxing poolside or grabbing a slice of the best pizza at sea, there are always refreshments nearby. If you don’t know where to go, just find one of our friendly crew members who will be happy to assist you.

Visit the Lotus Spa®

For the ultimate remedy, retreat to the Lotus Spa®, where skilled therapists can relieve any maladies. Upon visiting the spa, let our staff know what symptoms you’re experiencing and they can recommend the best treatment for you. Experience the healing powers of acupuncture which can precisely target pressure points. Indulge in a relaxing massage to help soothe areas of tension. Or, treat yourself to a hydrating facial and let the feelings of nausea wash away.

All our ships were designed to deliver seamless voyages to every destination. If you’re prone to feeling motion sickness on a cruise, don’t let that get in the way of your world travels. Stay prepared with the best medication for seasickness on a cruise and set sail with Princess.