Cruise Myths — Debunked

Two women leaning on the railing of a Princess ship.

Are cruise myths keeping you from embarking on new adventures? Most often, these fallacies stem from those who have not had the chance to set sail with Princess. From costs to amenities, all our itineraries were crafted to ensure that your time on board and on land is as delightful as possible. Here are the truths behind the five most popular cruise myths.

  1. Everyone feels ill at some point during their cruise vacation

    All the ships in the Princess fleet were designed to effortlessly cut through ripples in the ocean. As so, most passengers forget that they’re sailing through the open seas. That said, some guests may be more prone to feeling the rolling motion of the waters far beneath their feet. For those who may be predisposed to seasickness, we recommend choosing an itinerary that includes fewer days at sea. Even then, all of our ships have medical facilities with doctors and nurses available at all times to assist those who may need medical attention, so there's no need to worry.

  1. Cruising is expensive

    Everyone deserves the chance to enjoy a Princess cruise. Our Getaways range from three to five days and offer affordable pricing without sacrificing the unforgettable experience of a traditional seven-day cruise. Sail down the West Coast and sip luscious wines amidst perfectly groomed vineyards in Ensenada or set sail to the Caribbean and admire the historical complexity of the Mayan ruins in Cozumel. Depending on when you book your cruise and your desired itinerary, you may also be able to enjoy exclusive offers and promotions. With diverse itineraries and pricing, you can say goodbye to financial concerns and wave hello to a relaxing getaway.

  1. You can’t maintain a healthy lifestyle

    From fresh, delicious food to lively fitness classes, there are ample opportunities to stay fit while on board a Princess cruise. Every ship has several dining options, each using the finest-quality ingredients from North America and Europe. With seasonal foods, savory sauces and warming herbs, enjoy the unique flavor of local dishes without forfeiting a healthy lifestyle.

    Tucked inside the Lotus Spa® lies a robust fitness center housing state-of-the-art equipment, health-focused seminars and instructor-led workouts — including a Lance Armstrong-inspired spin class and restorative yoga practice. The Core.Balance.Strength exercise program also offers personal training, as well as one-on-one counseling and nutritional guidance, to enhance your wellness regiment. When on land, embark on breathtaking hikes through cascading waterfalls or kayak down jungle-lined waterways. Your cruise vacation might spark a new passion for wellness beyond what you could’ve ever imagined.

  1. Cruise ships are only for seniors

    From newlyweds to six-month old parents, Princess itineraries were crafted with every family in mind.

    Newlyweds can enjoy a romantic getaway as they sip chilled champagne and savor chocolate-dipped strawberries while overlooking the glistening waters from their stateroom’s private balcony. Even parents can relish in the same royal treatment as they bid adieu to parental responsibilities and welcome utter relaxation. All Princess ships offer Camp Discovery and Discovery at SEA – youth programs that immerse kids in new cultural landscapes and keep them entertained from sunrise to sunset. From hands-on challenges to friendly sports competitions, kids of all ages can find entertainment in these uniquely themed centers. Each itinerary invites children and seniors alike to revel in every moment at sea.

  1. Cruise ships only leave from Florida

    From the rolling hills of San Francisco to the colorful streets of Barcelona, Princess offers over 30 iconic ports of departure. This is where the excitement truly begins. These world-renowned locations invite you to start your cruise vacation early, exploring the wonders of the city before boarding your ship. Savor warm, hand-tossed pizzas in Italy or hike to the iconic Hollywood sign in Los Angeles — the choice is yours. All ports of departure are selected based on the itinerary and offer the ultimate convenience and accessibility to guests.

    Princess unravels myths about cruising with diverse itineraries, competitive pricing and unrivaled amenities. Between learning to prepare authentic Italian pasta and ziplining through lush Caribbean rainforests, the only mythical aspect of a cruise vacation is the fantastical stories you bring home.