Cruising in Hurricane Season

Cruising in hurricane season is not to be feared with Princess

If you’re thinking about cruising in hurricane season, there are a few things you should know before setting sail. While these storms occur throughout the world, you likely hear about them parading through the waters of the northern Atlantic — most often the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico. But weather reports don’t always mean that you can’t still relax on board and get a taste of Caribbean culture. From prevention to preparedness, here’s everything to know about how Princess® manages cruising in hurricane season.

What Months Are Hurricane Season?

There’s no one definition for hurricane season as it varies by location. Storms may appear in early summer and may last well into the winter months. In the Eastern Caribbean, rough weather conditions usually heighten in August and last through October. Hurricane season in the Western Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico typically occurs from September to late November. While these seasons span over several months, it’s important to remember that a potential increase in weather activity isn’t the same as a sure thing.

Princess has expertise, longevity and access to some of the best tools in the industry. Our team is constantly monitoring safety conditions for guests to make sure that you can cruise with comfort and peace of mind. So, whether you’re looking to travel to Puerto Rico or the Bahamas, hurricane season shouldn’t stop you from sailing to your dream destinations. With Princess, soak up the splendor of tropical destinations all year long.

How Does Princess Prepare for Poor Weather Conditions?

Regardless of the season, we continuously monitor weather patterns and reroute ships as necessary when concerns arise. Still, guests may ask our friendly crew, “what do cruise ships do in bad weather conditions when they’re already out at sea?” We’ve crafted first-class protocols and procedures to assist and safeguard guests while cruising in hurricane season. All our itineraries were created with great consideration to provide both unparalleled experiences and quick evacuations in the event of an emergency. Not to mention, our ships are destinations in themselves, so guests can continue relaxing and exploring while on board and inside. When you sail with Princess, find peace of mind that your safety is always our top priority.

How does Princess Help Communities After a Hurricane?

Here at Princess, we don’t take the news of a hurricane lightly. With our very own Princess Cays® residing in the Bahamas, we care deeply about its remarkable environment and the people who call it home, including some of our own. In the event of a hurricane, we are proud to partner with local organizations to offer support, rebuild communities and provide food and water to those who need it most.