Packing Tips for a Warm Weather Cruise Vacation

Know what to pack for a cruise to warmer weather, like the Caribbean

Princess Cruises offers a wide variety of itineraries to choose from that can take you to tropical, exotic destinations, whether you're interested in a Caribbean cruise or a trip to South America. Here are some tips for packing efficiently for a cruise to a warm weather region.

Choose outfits wisely
Pack clothing that can be worn in different ways more than once. For example, consider bringing shirts that can be layered to create a new look, giving you the option to sport it multiple times on your trip. This tactic can also help you pack lighter for your Princess Cruises vacation.

Pack for warmth
Even if you're embarking on a European cruise vacation, you might be subject to hot temperatures depending on the season. Once you know the forecast for your cruise dates, you can begin packing to ensure comfort while in the region.

Loose-fitting tees are great options that can be worn on board and on land. For women, long cotton dresses and wraps are ideal near the pool and beach. Golf tees are often composed of a breathable material that works as an option for men. Try to avoid darker colors, as they absorb heat from the sun.

Having the proper footwear is also critical in warm climates. You should consider packing a pair of rubber-soled shoes to prevent slips and falls while walking on deck. Finding footwear appropriate for every occasion and terrain you're bound to encounter on a cruise vacation will help you stay comfortable - whether you're walking, lounging or attending a formal evening dinner. Include a pair of comfortable, breathable athletic shoes that you can slip on while exploring the sites at your destination.

Plan for casual and formal events
While on your Princess Cruises vacation, you'll want to have a wide variety of ensembles in your suitcase to cater to all of the events that may come your way. Collared polos and khakis are suitable for casual events, but you'll also want to have formal pieces on hand to wear to special occasions and certain restaurants on board. Women can consider packing an elegant evening gown or pant suit, while men can opt for a tuxedo.

You should also consider packing a variety of accessories that will not only boost your sense of style, but help protect you from the sun on your cruise. For instance, wearing a hat and sunglasses can shade you from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays while keeping you cool.

Find a warm weather cruise vacation that's right up your alley.