When Is the Best Time to Go Cruising?


Travelers thinking about booking an unforgettable cruise vacation may be curious as to which destinations are best suited for the changing seasons. The truth is, even if it's the middle of the summer in Alaska, the rugged mountains and massive glaciers are still a breathtaking sight, and winters in the Caribbean are, not surprisingly, the same as just about every other season in the tropical climate.

Trip planners should keep in mind that some cruise lines offer deals for off-peak seasons, while prices may go up during busy holidays like summer vacation and winter breaks. No matter where or when passengers choose to sail, Princess Cruises will make sure their getaway is nothing short of spectacular.

'Tis the season: Where to go during fall and winter months

Seasonal locations across the globe offer different natural wonders as Earth tilts away from the sun and the air dips to sweater-wearing temperatures. Travelers looking for a winter wonderland during their vacation should consider an Alaska cruise, which are offered from May to September. Booking agents will often advise vacationers to reserve their journey during the first and last months of this time period - right at the moment when seasons are changing. In May, mountain blossoms are in full bloom throughout the region, while the September months bring prime wildlife viewing opportunities during Alaska cruisetours through coastal national parks.

Few autumns are better than those in New England, where millions of trees transform from green to fiery red in the span of just a few weeks. On a New England cruise during September and October, travelers should have their cameras poised to capture kaleidoscopic photos of the prismatic foliage.

Cruising all year

A number of destinations are beautiful throughout the year, and Princess Cruises takes full advantage of warmer locales that boast ideal temperatures even in the middle of February.

Travelers considering booking a Caribbean cruise should keep in mind that hurricane season runs from late August to early October - and check out Princess' website for discounted prices during these months, as there will still be windows of perfect weather during these months. Additionally, people thinking about visiting Polynesia on a Hawaii or South Pacific cruise may want to check the forecast between November and March - the Pacific's rainy season.

Despite minor seasonal concerns, the temperatures of these tropical destinations are typically perfect throughout the year, meaning passengers won't have to pack extra sweaters and can instead fill their suitcases with swimsuits, flip-flops and summer dresses.

Thanks to new onboard features, passengers can also enjoy cruises to the Mediterranean year-round. With a number of retractable domes and special greenhouse-like solariums, cruisers have the chance to use the outdoor pool areas even during colder seasons.

What to do when the weather turns sour

Even if travelers are cruising during the off-season, that doesn't mean they won't have one of the best vacations of their lives - Princess Cruises makes sure to provide the best plan B shore excursions when the weather is less than optimal. Disappointed the Panama Canal cruisetour was canceled due to heavy showers? Shore excursion booking agents can rearrange a trip to suit the season, whether travelers opt to spend the day in a museum or simply stay onboard. Cruisers can even make a reservation at the Lotus Spa, where they will surely forget about the unfortunate weather outside and instead enjoy an indulgent massage or facial.