Sample Traditional British Dishes with the Pub Lunch

Pub Lunch, Wheelhouse Bar

Passengers on a European cruise that stops anywhere in England will likely have a chance to visit a traditional British pub. Fortunately, even those whose ship is sailing nowhere near the U.K. can enjoy their favorite British specialties at the traditional Pub Lunch.

Stop by the Wheelhouse Bar for cruise food not unlike the many pubs that can be found in every town and village in the U.K. The cruise ship bar is a great place to grab a pint, with a number of brands on tap from all over the world. It's also the perfect setting to meet up with friends for a relaxing and leisurely chat.

On select ship days, this cruise ship  bar will serving up its famous Pub Lunch. The menu is typically displayed on a chalkboard outside the bar, so passengers can know what types of offerings are available before they sit down.

Cruise food specialties like fish and chips are already familiar to an American audience, but some of the more traditional dishes may not be immediately recognizable. That's why passengers should go out of their way to try the bangers and mash, a delicious combination of pork sausage (the "bangers") and mashed potatoes (the "mash") topped with a rich gravy. Another hearty option for a meal is the ploughman's lunch, a cold dish that features bread, a thick slice of cheese, a pickle, various fruits and vegetables and butter. View Europe cruises.

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