Sangria in Spain: 5 Must–Try Spanish Sangrias

Where in Barcelona can you find the best sangria? Five restaurants offer glasses you must try, from traditional sangria to extreme cocktail innovations.

There's nothing like a cold glass of Spanish sangria — a blend of red wine, fruit, sweeteners, soda water, and liquors such as brandy — on a hot Spanish day.

You can find an abundance of excellent sangria in Spain, but Barcelona has exceptional restaurants noted for bringing this Andalusian drink to the Catalonian capital. Spanish sangria variations include white sangria made with white wine, cava sangria made from sparkling wine produced in the Penedès region of Catalonia, and various sangria fruit blends in which a large proportion of fruit juice is mixed with the basics to enhance a specific flavor.

Whatever your tastes, you're sure to find something you love the next time you're in Barcelona. Sit back, relax, and place your order at one of these five restaurants rumored to have among the best sangria in the city.

  1. Arcano

    Arcano offers house-made Spanish sangria in two varieties: tinto (the traditional red version) and cava. Enjoy your drink in a cozy, rustic atmosphere while choosing from Arcano's menu of Spanish-influenced cuisines. (10 Merchants Street, 08003 Barcelona, Spain).

  2. Bubó Bar

    A love for the basic sangria recipe has never stopped bartenders from experimenting, especially with liquor. For a lush twist, try the sangria Cointreau bubó cocktail at Bubó Bar, which includes a splash of — you guessed it — Cointreau, the French orange-flavored spirit. (6 Caputxes Street, 08003 Barcelona, Spain).

  3. Frank's

    Bartenders of the swanky Frank's at Hotel Arts Barcelona take the art of the Spanish sangria cocktail to new heights. Try their cava sangria made with Cointreau, brandy, and vermouth, sweetened with simple syrup and fresh orange juice. Relax in Frank's posh lounge and savor each sip of this high-class drink that's great for a low-key day. (19–21 Marina Street 08005 Barcelona, Spain).

  4. Los Caracoles

    A shining wooden bar, ham hanging from the ceiling, mural accents, and white table clothes — the atmosphere at Los Caracoles (Spanish for "the snails") combines the best of Spanish tradition and warm hospitality. Restaurantgoers rave about their sangria, as well as the roasted chicken that rotates beautifully in their street corner display completes a satisfying dinner course. (14 Escudellers Street, 08002 Barcelona, Spain).

  5. Tickets

    It's not served in a glass, but the sandía con sangría at Tickets is worth a taste. This innovation comes from famed chef Ferran Adrià, known for his acclaimed but shuttered restaurant elBulli. Translated as "watermelon with sangria," sandía con sangría is cubes of watermelon served over ice and infused with sweet wine. Because of Adrià's uber-chef status, you should make a reservation online at least 60 days in advance. (164 Parallel Avenue, 08015 Barcelona, Spain).

Does our rundown of sangria in Spain have you thinking about a Barcelona shore excursion? On a Mediterranean cruise, you can opt to cap off a beautiful afternoon in Barcelona with a sangria that's perfect for your tastes. View Europe cruises.

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